Innovations have taken a major dive in terms of technology. Each year, we are witnessing state-of-the-art technologies replacing old technologies. New technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), Robotics, 3D (3-Dimensional) Printing, and Automation have attracted the modern world with wonderful features and functionality.


The recent technologies have successfully transformed the business models of today or you can say that current technologies have change the lives of business persons. This article discusses about the 5 tech (technology) trends for the year, 2018. Here are the trends for you:


  1. Blockchain: Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) has created ripples in the market. It is the most exciting development for the digital world. The sudden augment in the acceptance of Bitcoin has been accredited to the rapid rise in its value; however, it is still a word of caution how much money this cryptocurrency can make. The blockchain has revolutionized the way people are doing business today.


  1. Artificial Intelligence: AI is a type of latest technology that is, expected to gain ground in year, 2018. AI is intensively in use by companies. Google Fit is an AI application that helps the users to track their daily meals and workouts. AI is also present in some kind of cars. You cannot deny the fact that AI is on the hype.


  1. Transition from Cloud to Edge Computing: Data transfer had been dominated by cloud services since these services came into picture; however, the latest technology, “Edge Computing” is gradually overwhelming the cloud services by rendering better and improved user experiences. Cloud computing has a major drawback that is, if it is used repeatedly; then it can result in a massive bottleneck obstructing both the speed and user experience.


  1. Cyber Security: Today, technology has enhanced its presence in every part of life. With the continuous use of technology, we have created multiple threats surrounding us, especially when it comes to money transition. We utilize enormous money to keep our information guarded. The cybersecurity companies have suddenly improved in large numbers to protect organizations from data hacking or data encroachments. Cyber technology has emerged as an important technology, and it can strongly affect the day to day operations of the companies. In other words, companies are making sure that their data remains protected, so they are giving importance to cybersecurity.


  1. Paid Internet: Questions have raised about the net neutrality. Net neutrality is likely going to die out soon; consequently, the access to the internet will definitely be affected. The eradication of net neutrality will directly affect the data rates offered by the providers. The possible costs applied can fluctuate depending on the competitors pricing strategy.


These are the technology trends that may influence people in homes, offices, and restaurants. There are also many other trends that will affect the lives of people in 2018. In a nutshell, technology is revolutionizing the way people are dealing with things.