5 Tech Trends for the Year, 2018

Innovations have taken a major dive in terms of technology. Each year, we are witnessing state-of-the-art technologies replacing old technologies. New technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), Robotics, 3D (3-Dimensional) Printing, and Automation have attracted the [...]

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What Are Robots Programmed for? Is It a Curse Or a Blessing?

It looks like we shall see robots serving us in the near future. Scientists are continuously working to build intelligent robots, as technology has become advanced. Robots for planting operations have built today, this procedure [...]

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Writing an Essay That Is, Descriptive in Nature

You describe about something in a descriptive essay. A descriptive essay may be about a person, place, memory or an event. Students must create a crystal-clear picture in the minds of the readers through a [...]

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