It looks like we shall see robots serving us in the near future. Scientists are continuously working to build intelligent robots, as technology has become advanced. Robots for planting operations have built today, this procedure is saving time and money that farmers have to spend.

Robots are turning out to be a solution for human activity. Have you seen ads for providers of low-cost, automated investment advice known as robo-advisors? They are popular in the United States (U.S.), and are on their way to Australia.  

People with robots seem a good idea to overcome tasks that human beings have to do. Robots are programmed for specific functions. Some functions that may be programmed in robots can be as follows:

  1. Shake hands with the controller. So, when robots are assign the task to shake hands with the controller, then the robot will respond and shake hands with the controller.
  2. Carry an Object. Robot may also be programmed to carry an object. When robots are given the command to carry an object, then it will take that object to assist controller.
  3. Alarm to Alert. Robots may be programmed with an alarm to alert the controllers. For instance, a robot may signal an alarm when it is time for controller to sleep.

These are some of the numerous functions for which robots can be programmed. Robots are costly, but when it comes to do number of operations in life; you see robots as a great replacement for your problems. The perfect robot who can perform the same task as human is yet not developed, but scientists are working on it to come with a robot that can perform all intelligent tasks. Robots for wars have also built. It is very likely that we shall see robotic wars in place of human war in the upcoming days. It is predicted that our earth will be occupied by robots by 2050.

You can say that robots are blessing, as well as a curse. Robots that can perform everyday operations, which humans can perform are a blessing. On the other hand, robots made for destruction””s or war robots can create great chaos, so you can say that depending on robots is also a curse. Why? What if war robots go out of control? Scientists need to closely examine the technology, robotics to ensure that they are creating the robot to help people and not to hurt them. In short, robots are definitely a helping hand, but they can also be utilized for mass destruction.