You describe about something in a descriptive essay. A descriptive essay may be about a person, place, memory or an event. Students must create a crystal-clear picture in the minds of the readers through a descriptive essay. Analytical skills are crucial for students to write a descriptive essay, and in order to utilize analytical skills; students will need to use their all 5 senses including touch, hear, see, smell, and taste. Frankly speaking, a descriptive essay is about sharing your observation with the readers. Descriptive essay writing is not arduous if students follow the following 4 tips:


  1. Opting for a Topic: First of all, students must choose a good topic for their essays. They can write a descriptive essay about their favorite food, movie, music, person or a place. Detail description about the topic is required by students if students want to write a good descriptive essay. Moreover, students need to create an emotional connection between an essay and the readers while writing a descriptive essay.


  1. Brainstorming Can Always Help: After choosing the topic for an essay, students should think about the topic for ideas. Students will need a plan for approaching their essays from beginning to the end. A student may go through the book about brainstorming to find out how brainstorming is done in order to come up with new ideas. Brainstorming can always help students accumulate useful ideas.


  1. Creating an Essay: In the first place, students should start with a catchy introduction that can grab the attention of the readers. They should discuss the main idea of an essay, and give readers a hint what they are planning to discuss. Students should come up with a vivid point of view, and let the readers know what the essay is going to cover. Students can successful express their emotions and feelings about the topic in body paragraphs.



In the concluding part of a descriptive essay, student will need to come up with the summary of everything that he or she has described. As a student, you will need to pick important points of your essay, and discuss those points in the conclusion. You should make sure that your final point last long in the minds of your readers.



  1. Upgrading an Essay: Once you have finished writing an essay, it is time you took break for a day. You should come up with a fresh mind next day for proofreading. Doing it will help you eliminate spelling mistakes or grammatical errors from an essay. You can also take assistance of friends and parents to proofread an essay for you. You must embolden your friends or parents if they point out mistakes in your essay.


After knowing about the tips for writing an essay, you hopefully no longer need to make requests to others like ‘please, write my essay’ or ‘would you mind to do my essay fast’.


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